Due to my passion for writing and cinema I wrote two scripts for the TV series Star Trek and House M.D.

House M.D. - Who Wants To Live Forever

With this script I took part in the contests of Scriptapalooza and Austin Film Festival.

Dr. House faces again a patient he treated as a resident. She claims having a fatal genetic disorder and wants House to help her dying. However, his emotional attachment to her forces him to deny every piece of evidence until his team is convinced she really has Kufs. Then, his only way out is to cheat.

At first, the genetic disease was Huntington but when 'Thirteen' joined the series having Huntington, I changed it for Kufs. Lately in the series, they have explored the theme of House helping Thirteen to die.

Expect trekkies and 80s references...

Star Trek: Enterprise - The Infiltrator

This was my first script and the evolution from this to the second is quite evident.

The action should take place at the beginning of the fourth season, but similar events that took place at that time in the series made me adapt the script and move it to the second half of that season. The worst thing was that they used my idea of using the vulcan 'katra', as Spock did in Star Trek II and III.

The script mixes action, suspense and humour, and its ending pays tribute to the original series endings.

Short Stories

Short stories of different genres. With some of them I took part in contests and others have been published in the fanzine MiasMa.

Jo Uhuru

With this tale in catalan I took part in the contest of short hacker tales of the UPC. Later, it was published in the magazine of my high school, IES Puig Castellar.

The adventure of a program to recover the privatized culture. Tron plus Gibson plus copyleft.


This horror short story in spanish was published in the fanzine MiasMa.

Recounts death at three different ages but linked by a common character...

Cocu i les tres copes del Centenari

With this tale in catalan I participated in the first edition of the contest 'Contes del Barça' organized by RAC 1.

The tale takes place in the centenary of Real Madrid. At that time Nuñez was the president of Barcelona, Gaspart the vicepresident and Van Gaal the coach. It was also the year of the polemic transfer of Figo to Real Madrid.

The tale is a parody of the sports newsreel of the time explained as a detectivesque story with paralelisms to the comic of Tintin.


This is a brief science fiction story in spanish published in the fanzine MiasMa.

It tells the visit to a capital of a great empire fallen a long time ago...

El robot destructible

This mini-story is just a curiosity. It is only a couple of pages I wrote with my friend Paco Reguera at the age of 8.


This section contains very short stand up comedy monologues. They are in spanish.

Bifidus activo

Canciones infantiles

Homenaje a la uña del dedo meñique