Acoustics & Vibrations

After finishing my PhD I changed of research area from astronomy to acoustics and vibrations. Though it may seem a big leap, I only changed electromagnetic waves for mechanic waves.

I carry out my research at LEAM, the Laboratory of Acoustical and Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia.

The research areas in which I have worked are:

Some of the important projects in which I have worked on are:

My scientific articles in refereed journals are:

You can download my contributions to scientific congresses from the section Downloads.

Here you can see a video where I present the project on train vibrations in the catalan TV news and another one where I introduce my laboratory in the European Commission in Brussels.


I presented my PhD thesis the 20th of April of 2006 at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona. The principal area of research is gamma-ray bursts, and its title is 'A new classification of gamma-ray bursts and its cosmological implications'.

To know the subject of my thesis in a non-scientific way you can download the poster Els esclats de raigs gamma i les xarxes neuronals (text in catalan). With this poster I won the 3rd prize to the best doctoral thesis presentation at the V Jornades Doctorials.

The scientific areas in which I worked during my PhD are:

During my PhD I took part in the research projects "Las componentes del Universo", financed by the Spanish Ministery of Science and Education, and "The Physics of Type Ia Supernova Explosions", a Research and Training Network financed by the 5th Framework Program of the European Union.

My scientific articles in refereed journals are:

You can download my contributions to scientific congresses from the section Downloads.


I wrote in collaboration the course "A first sight to the Universe" for the Astronomical Observatory of Montsec. It is an introductory course of astronomy aimed at high school teachers. I wrote the chapters of "Extragalactic Astronomy", "Cosmology" and "Observation of galaxies with CCD", and the Power Point presentations for these parts.

I also contributed with the activity "Discovering the Universe" with my group collaborator Cristina. This activity is aimed at young students visiting the Astronomical Observatory of Montsec. The activity begins with a 15 minutes video narrating the history of the Universe. The video was made by ourselves in Flash. The narrator is Pep Gorgori, a professional journalist and radio comentator. Here you have some images and videos of the activity:

Paralelism between the expansion of the Universe and the expansion of the surface of a balloon.
Proportion of the elements formed in the Big Bang during the first 3 minutes of life of the Universe.
Newton thinking in the universal law of gravitation.
The Solar System within the Via Lactea.